Private Residences

We believe that each homeowner deserves a unique open-air place that provides year-long enjoyment and renewal. Investing in your outdoor areas will not only increase your property’s value, but will also extend your living space significantly.

Ecletic Craftsman Bungalow

This client had a small lot with the intent to maximize the living spaces, which included an outdoor dining room, private seating areas, recycled decking, art studio, vegetable garden, eliminating high water lawn areas, yet provide artificial turf to deal with the impact of foot traffic, dogs, etc. A semi-private courtyard was created in the front yard and the entire landscape is irrigated with a drip irrigation system. ... more

Hawaiian Retreat

This client had a request for a new swimming pool, spa, fire pit, as well as raised Lanai which contained a complete outdoor kitchen and dining area. The Pool and Spa are heated via new Solar Panels on the south side of the residence. Some of the detailed drawings as well as finished product are shown below. ... more

Verdant Oasis

This family was looking for a tropical oasis on their relatively small lot. Items on their wish list included a pool and Jacuzzi, a waterfall feature, an outdoor dining area with built-in barbeque, and an outdoor shower. Hutter Designs managed to meet the client’s needs without making the space feel too congested. Paving was minimized to allow much of the irrigation water to infiltrate on-site. ... more

La Jolla Remodel

An elegant front yard design was this La Jolla homeowner’s dream along with a backyard retreat in a Mediterranean style. They asked for most of their landscaping to be softscape (plants and grasses) with only minimal hardscape (minimal pool decking and impermeable paving) . They were quite pleased with this design. ... more